Back Pain Remedys and treatments

 back spasms treatment

Back Pain

Back pain is common among people aged above forty years.The primary cause of back pain is Laziness. People taking rest for a long time or spending a lot of time in bed are prone to back pain than the persons remaining active. Avoiding bed rest will be a great cure for back pain. Daily regular exercise and at least walking daily keeps a person active and away from back pain. It is better to maintain a correct posture while sleeping.It strengthens the abdominal muscles overnight relieving the back pain.

Tension also causes back pain and exercises help to flex the muscles. Smoking is one of the main causes of back pain as it damages the lungs in a direct manner. Lungs hurt the back of a person considerably. Smokers are at a high risk of back pain. Relaxation techniques like yoga and mind peace techniques like meditation help in providing relief from back pain. Using the right furniture can ease the back pain. It is strongly advised to avoid using the stairs for people with back pain. People with back pain must look to reduce driving and minimize long trips.

Upper back pain

Upper back pain is caused by irritation of the large muscles, scapula and rib cage. This pain is commonly referred as myofascial pain. Upper back pain is mainly caused by sports injuries, muscle strains, deconditioning, auto accidents and other injuries. Stretching and strengthening exercises are suggested for upper back pain. Though when stretching, it should be noted that there are limits which should not be exceeded. The limits are normally determined by the age of a person and his or her health. Other treatments include acupuncture, massage, pain medications, etc.

Back spasm treatment

It occurs due to the injuries in the lower back muscles, ligament damage and pain to the nerves in the back muscles. Severe pain is experienced with muscle tension and contractions. Other causes include contraction of the back muscles, a sudden twist in trunk, abrupt back movement while playing sports, etc. In some cases, back spasms occur with no injury to infections, torn ligaments, and tumors. Self-Treatment for back spasms include heat application, cold application, leg elevation, taking rest, reading, meditation, TV watching, pain medication, etc.

Back exercises

Some of the common activities suggested for back pain in sports stars, and athletes are pull ups and bent over barbell. Pull ups include the extension of arms over the bar and pulling the body up and down. This action relaxes the shoulder muscles and stretches the lats. The pull-up exercise is an effective remedy for back pain. Bent over barbell row wide grips gives full contraction to lats. A flat bench is required with a perfect balance of the body to lie down and get up. In the case of older people, walking daily in the morning and evening time is the best exercise recommended.
Not all back problems can be subjected to the mentioned remedies. Different back problems require different remedies. When not sure with the technique to opt for, it’s advisable to consult experts.


By Glen Mosca


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